JC Tactical Solutions

Professional Firearms Instruction and CHP Certification.

I offer a wide range of courses to suit a variety of training needs. Courses are shown below. Please call or e-mail for more information on classes, current promotions, and custom class options.

Basic Firearms Concealed Carry

Basic course that exceeds the requirements to apply for a concealed handgun permit in the State of Colorado. A training certificate will be issued at the completion of the course. Cost $65.00.

Intermediate Concealed Carry

Intermediate course that builds on the basic course and goes more in depth with laws, real world scenarios, and shooting aftermath. Coming Soon.

Advanced Concealed Carry

Most of the day will be on the range. Scenarios. Live fire, drawing from concealment, engaging threats, neutralizing threats, deescalating force, along with basic gunshot wound first aid. Coming Soon.